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Full Version: Bently MXRoad files
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Good afternoon All,

I’ve noticed that some of the consultants who prepare road works contracts, use a product called Bentley MXRoad and supply survey data in a GENIO.TXT format.

I was wondering if anybody had come across this format? and if you have, is there a way of entering it into Kubla Cubed?


Hi Tim,

I've been taking at look at this today because we're always keen to add formats if it will save people time.  I've also come across the Bentley MX software and I think a lot of road designers use it.  Unfortunately this GENIO output from MX is not the easiest to work with.  

A particular difficulty is that lines and points in the file are only identified by codes which are 4 characters long, unlike dxf for example where layers can have meaningful descriptions.  As I understand it users tend to use standard codes to identify what these entities are, but unfortunately it's not guaranteed that they will.  I think getting the geometry out of the file is fairly straightforward but I'm not sure whether it's very useful if you don't know what the codes refer to.

However, I'm going to do some more research and perhaps contact Bentley to see if they can give me more info about their format, so I'll let you know what I find out.  In the mean time if you need us to get the geometry out of any files send them over and we'll see if we can get anything useful for you.

Thanks Leo,

It's not a problem really, as I'm sure if I request a DXF file they would send one.