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Full Version: Option to define cut/fill/height in feature surface.
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Good day,

As a rough grading contractor, there are instances where we are provided with original ground elevations (contours or points) and proposed ground (contours or points) with proposed cut/fill as opposed to elevation.

I have not been able to determine an easy way to use Kubla to quantify earthworks in such an instance. It would be very helpful if Kubla allowed the option to define contours and points with a height parameter (proposed cut/fill).

Additionally, being able to have the cursor display existing elevation while working in the feature edit window would be immensely helpful.

Thank you!
Hi Collins,

Thanks for the feedback.  

That's  interesting - I don't think I've seen an example where only the cut and fill is defined rather than the proposed elevations.  I'll have to think about how we could deal with that situation in the software .

One trick you could use for now would be to set your existing levels to zero and then define the cut and fill contours and points in your drawings as the proposed.  You'd use negative values for cut and positive for fill.  This should give you the right volumes and cut/fill map in red and blue, although the 3d visualisations wouldn't be right of course.

You can set the existing levels to zero by just drawing a 'fixed level' outline around your site and typing in '0' as the level.

We're working on getting the take off form into the main window so that you can see the cursor, as well as the terrain below.  A lot of users have asked for this and we're expecting for it to be in the release after next.