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Full Version: Working with Point Cloud Files (.xyz, .csv, .xls)
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I often get asked how to work with point files by new users as in Kubla Cubed it isn't obvious straight away.  Basically there is no "Point Cloud" object instead you have to import your points into a "Feature Surface" which is made up of points, contours, breaks and a boundary.  You will also have to create a boundary around the points for the program to triangulate, you can either do this buy hand or use the automatic outline tool.

I have made a video about this as point clouds are one of the easiest data types to work with, they are fast and also accurate (as long as you have a high density and an even distribution of points).

Check it out : https://youtu.be/P9Er2t9jApM
Oh man, I am new in here, and I am also having the same questions as most of the new users. It is actually something that I never understood, how should I do it, every single time when I attempted to import point files, I would get some freaking errors! Your video, is actually amazing! Very informative, and helpful for noobs just like me! What I like the most about it, is the fact that information from 2017 is still useful in 2021. I have also started to work with different csv files, and I have to tell you that it is way tougher than I thought. I am still using the guides from import2.com, especially the guides on how to create these files.