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Full Version: Retaining Walls
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Good afternoon,

I'm currently preparing a cut and fill project which has retaining walls which form stepped platforms. My question is, how do I allow for these retaining walls when I enter proposed levels?

It's probably very simple, but i've had a long day [Image: smile.png]


Hi Tim,

Actually this is one I get asked quite often, so it's good to have the opportunity to put an answer online.

There's a few ways to go about this depending on the layout of your project.  E.g. in the example you describe if it's not too complicated you might be able to build the stepped platforms from platform elements, using a steep batter angle (e.g. 1:0.01) to achieve the retaining walls.

However I usually find it's easiest to use a surface element and just draw two lines along the walls - one for the top and one for the bottom.  So I draw a line along the top of the wall, and nearby and parallel I draw the line for the bottom of the wall.  If the levels are constant along the wall I use contour lines (because they're quicker), but if the levels vary along the wall you need to use break lines to define those varying levels.

Does this make sense?  I've attached a screenshot that hopefully illustrates the point.


Brilliant, thanks Leo,

I knew it would be simple, it's just that my head is everywhere today.


Tim [Image: thumbsup.png]