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Full Version: Strip!
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I'm sure this is a common issue and one for which there is a solution. I just cannot find it.

I'm dealing with a large car park remodeling project and the first task is strip off the existing asphalt. Easy: use the strip approach, set the depth to 2" and the task is done.

Not so however!

Located throughout the existing car park are concrete islands. I've attached and example. Those islands also have to be broken out and disposed off and I've also used the strip approach to deal with them - this time the depth was set to 6"

The problem I'm trying to resolve is generated by the fact that the asphalt strip doesn't ignore these concrete islands, so that in these areas it's effectively reduced the ground level by another 2", i.e. when compared with the existing level, the reduced level in these island areas is now -8"

How do I omit these island areas from a strip measure or get the strip approach to ignore them?

My own work around is to simply use the spread option to refill these areas; doing so sorts out the level issue; but it does mess with my quantities


(opps! forgot to attached example - edited to correct0