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Full Version: Kubla Cubed - New Version 6.3
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A new version of Kubla Cubed 2021 has been released.  Make sure you update to the latest version if you have a subscription of Kubla Cubed Professional are using the Lite version or have Kubla Cubed 2021 perpetual : 

+ Upgraded the web browser technology used in Kubla Cubed from Webview (based on IE) to the new Webview2 (based on chromium).  This resolved a number of display and usability issues in regard to web content.

+ Improved the way points are imported that don't have Z values.  Previously they would not import if no Z value could be found using the methods of extracting Z values from nearby text or entity attributes.  Now they import but with the Z value set to 'Not Set' giving you the option to set them yourself but use the imported positions still.

+ Added a warning message when deleting a phase to prevent accidental deletions.

+ Added support for importing 'hatches' into the CAD\PDF vector importer.  This is useful as often other take-off software uses hatches rather than closed polylines to represent perimeters.  Now Kubla Cubed will work better with exported data from this type of software. 

+ Renamed some entries in the exports and stats panel to improve understanding.  Previously the breakdown was 'cut', 'fill' and 'net'.  Now it is 'cut', 'fill' and 'cut & fill'. Made the change consistent throughout the program as there were some discrepancies in regard to how these were named.

+ Added copy buttons to the licence activation form that appears when Kubla Cubed is blocked by the firewall so can't activate automatically.

+ Improved the name of elements when copy and pasting.  Previously elements would be prefixed with "Copy Of" even when cut and pasting between phases.  Now the elements have a new name only when necessary and are appended with (2), (3), (4) etc...