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Full Version: Sewer Spoil Calculation
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Hi Team,

Is there is way of calculating sewer spoils using Kubla cubed?

(09-01-2023, 08:34 PM)Aryabhat Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Team,

Is there is way of calculating sewer spoils using Kubla cubed?


Hi Aryabhat 

Welcome to the forums.  I think the process for calculating sewer spoils would be the same as calculating stockpiles.  Basically you have to define your stockpile as the existing surface.  Then in the proposed you use a platform element to draw an area around the stockpile giving it the level of the ground when the stockpile is completely removed. Set the platform mode to 'cut only' to prevent it from filling in any small low spots.  The cut in the proposed phase will then be the volume of the stockpile. 

We have written an article about this process here : How to calculate stockpile volumes with free software

If you have uneven ground then it gets a bit more complicated and you would have to use the professional version not Kubla Cubed Lite.  With uneven ground, in the proposed instead of using a platform you would use a feature surface.  Use a ground outline to tie to the base of the stockpile.  This will approximate the topography of the ground underneath the stockpoil\spoil.  If you have a survey of the ground you can improve accuracy by loading the points into the feature surface as well. Good luck and let us know if you get stuck.
Alternately if you're planning to do sewer drainge excavation for pipework, you can use a couple tool options. While not a hydraulic contractor myself, I would suggest that you can use the following,

- trenching tool is probably the intended tool option, uses centreline.
- slope tool if you have known depths relative to the topography and adjust the width of the excavation to suit, not the intended tool use but its a handy option
- feature surfaces is another possibile option with a couple neat ways you could set the depths for excavation.

Be mindful of the side batter ratio as well, if trenches are deep, you can probably dial this back if you're going to use trench shoring, particuarly modular units handled by excavation equipment.

Then using your exported report, you'd need to then add your bulking factor to suit accordingly.