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2D & 3D Area - Naeem_IES - 06-18-2021

Please differentiate between 2D & 3D Area?

RE: 2D & 3D Area - Ted Woods - 06-20-2021

(06-18-2021, 11:08 AM)Naeem_IES Wrote: Please differentiate between 2D & 3D Area?

2D and 3D areas in the earthwork estimation report relate to the earthworks footprint (sometimes referred to as the area of disturbance). For the area and perimeter of the element boundaries refer to the input data report. 

The 2D areas reported are the same as if measured from a paper plan.  In some ways it might be good to think of the 2D area as a 'plan area'. The 3D areas take into account the surface area of the topography and therefore will always be the same or larger than the 2D areas.

A lot of the time the 2D area and 3D area will be quite similar but if you imagine a golf course with sod.  The 2D area of disturbance measured would not be a good estimate of the amount you would need as the surface area of a golf course usually far exceeds the 2D area as it is so undulating. 

I hope this answers your question.

RE: 2D & 3D Area - Naeem_IES - 06-24-2021

Thanks Dear

RE: 2D & 3D Area - msnowdowne - 10-17-2022

I made this picture for my team with a quick check in excel to validate the numbers.