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Dwg Files - Layers - kolney - 04-19-2023

Hi - I have a DWG file that I have imported but it appears to have all of the project layers switched on in the file.

eg - Existing levels, proposed levels, services, furniture etc building layout etc.

Is there any way I can turn the layers off within Kubla Cubed so that I can only see existing levels and then the proposed levels on another view?

Hope someone is able to help



RE: Dwg Files - Layers - Kate - 04-24-2023

Hi Karl,
Thank you for your question about using DWG files in Kubla Cubed. When you add a DWG file as a site plan in Kubla Cubed, it automatically uses the model view and settings from the original file to create the image. To avoid importing unwanted layers, make sure to switch them off in the DWG file and save it before importing it as a site plan.
Once saved, in Kubla Cubed, you can then import both existing and proposed versions of the site plan, align them, and then hide the plan that is not needed.
However, please be aware, if you are importing elements such as outlines, contours, break-lines, and points from the DWG file into a Feature Surface, you have the option to filter the layers. You can see an example of this in the attached image.
I hope this helps you in using DWG files effectively in Kubla Cubed. Let me know if you have any further questions.