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Bulking Factor - DavidL - 05-23-2023

Can we get an option to add bulking factor, for both cut and fill?

RE: Bulking Factor - Kate - 05-23-2023

Hi David,

At the moment Kubla Cubed gives the raw volumes. So you need to apply bulking factors in a separate spreadsheet.

We plan to have a more advanced version of Kubla Cubed (hopefully in 2025): Kubla Cubed Ultimate. This will offer enhanced support for materials and bore holes. Additionally, we will be introducing the capability to input swell, bulking and compaction factors, providing even greater flexibility and accuracy in your analyses. Development of this version will begin following the release of Kubla Cubed 2023 Professional in Quarter 3 of 2023.

While we currently do not have a specific release date for Kubla Cubed Ultimate, we recommend staying tuned to our social media channels and newsletter for the latest updates. These platforms will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the release and enable you to benefit from the improved solution as soon as it becomes available.

It is important to note that Kubla Cubed Ultimate will be priced at a higher level compared to the professional version. This pricing structure reflects the expanded functionality and advanced features that will be offered, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

RE: Bulking Factor - DavidL - 05-24-2023

Thansk Kate,

Will the new features planned allow us to input nominated geotechnical conditions in the ground from our geotechnical reports? If we can mark the boreholes and input the levels and ground condition accordingly, and potentially be able to give estimated identified material extraction?

RE: Bulking Factor - Leo - 05-30-2023

Hi David,

That's correct. The current plans for Kubla Cubed ultimate are for full materials support, including existing soil layers and fill materials.