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Re-Calculation Button/Toggle


Hello Team,
Firstly, thanks for your software, it is really helpful and easy to use.

Working with the latest version today I thought that it may be useful if there was an option to disable/toggle the automatic recalculation of cut/fill in the case where a boundary line/point is adjusted of existing earthwork elements.

Especially when using a model which has many points/contours, it makes moving specific points and shapes hard to smoothly move as the program seems to constantly want to update the calculation after every move. Having a toggle on/off button could be useful to allow any modifications to shapes/points to be made and then only when the movement of objects is complete the calculation could be toggled back on. This way the software can let the user make any adjustments and only start calculating when the edits are complete, the same way in which it waits to start the calculation when creating a new earthworks element.

Thanks again for your great software



Hi Nollej 

Thanks for the suggestion.  This kind of functionality has certainly been discussed before.  I understand the problem 100%. 

I will add your suggestions to the planning documentation used by the developers.

We will try to include it in future updates to the software.


Hi Josh,

We wanted to say thanks for the helpful feedback you gave us about Kubla Cubed.

Your insights helped us shape the latest version of our software. We are excited to announce that Kubla Cubed 2024 now includes a disable element option.

The Disable/Enable switch can be used to turn elements on and off so that they are not included in the calculation. This means that you can now turn off the elements in a phase while you are editing and then turn them back on when you are ready to calculate the cut and fill volumes.

This new feature is thanks to users like you giving us valuable feedback. We think these updates will improve your experience and make the software more useful. Your support and ideas are important to us, so keep them coming! Feel free to reach out with any more suggestions or comments.

Thanks again for helping us make Kubla Cubed better!  

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