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Program Calculation


(03-07-2018, 12:43 PM)Leo Wrote:
(03-05-2018, 11:32 PM)Bernard Wrote: Hi Ted,

I am recently taking off earthwork/pavement/rock pitching qty for a road project of 1.9km length and using Kubla Cubed to form up the model from pdf drawings provided. I used a total of 23 construction stages to simulate the construction process and the model file is about 9.8MB in size. Whenever I call up the Kubla program to start the project file it would take about 30 minutes or so to load the project. Is it possible for the program to have a faster loading time instead of re-calculating every construction stages up to the last stage during start up. Can the program jump straight into last construction stage (Stage#23) whenever I start up the program by bypassing all recalculation from existing stage onwards ? This will definitely speed up the project file loading time.

Please advise.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for this feedback and for sending us your file.  Looks very impressive!

Unfortunately, it's also by far the slowest to load I've ever seen.  We've looked at your file and have identified a specific issue which will be resolved in the upcoming release.   You will find the load time will be dramatically reduced when you get the next version.  Less than three minutes on my (pretty average spec.) computer.

Just to give you some background, the software currently calculates everything when it loads.  Because there's a trickle-down effect between the phases it's not possible to just calculate the final phase - the volumes depend also on the output of the previous phases.  

We have been seriously considering saving the calculation meshes into the .kcp file, which would mean it wouldn't need to repeat the calculations and loading would be very fast.  However, the downside of this is that the size of the .kcp files will increase, so we're still weighing up these issues and don't yet have a confirmed release date for this improvement.  I'll let you know when this is scheduled.

Hope this helps,

Hi Leo,

Thank you for the explanation and plan for this update in coming release (?). In the mean time, can you provide us a patch with the option for us to save calculation meshes into the .kcp file so as we have option to save the file even though the .kcp file will be getting bigger in size. The good thing for us is that the project file will be loaded very fast instead of waiting hours at the moment and this may be a perfect interim measure for us while waiting for the next update.

Thanks and Regards,

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