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  Haul Planning
Posted by: jhildreth - 06-18-2024, 06:20 PM - No Replies

Is there a way to get center of mass locations for cut and fill to support haul planning?

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  New Release Crashing
Posted by: Construct-inc - 06-17-2024, 09:03 PM - Replies (1)

Good afternoon all.

Our team is having an issue with the software crashing.  There's nothing fancy to the file.  All that has been done would be the existing surface and a raise surface element.  When you attempt to move a perimeter node to another place it moves rather slow.  When you try to go back a few clicks (three is the magic number) by "undo" it shuts down all together and doesn't restart.  If we go into 3D for some reason we see the bottom of the model looking up and have to rotate it back around.  Not a deal breaker at all but it does go below it each and every time.  We find ourselves having to save often because for some reason it just shuts down.

PC Spec's if this helps.

1th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11950H @ 2.60GHz  2.61 GHz
Windows 11 Pro 64-Bit

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  Amount of cut/fill
Posted by: TimR - 06-06-2024, 11:09 AM - Replies (2)

I have created a a cut and fill drawing in Kubla using features extracted from 2 CAD drawings, no issues here; I get the tables with the statistics, volumes etc.
When moving the cursor over the 'proposed' drawing I am told the X and Y coordinated of the cursors position, together with the elevation of the proposed surface. Is is possible for Kubla to tell me the amount of cut/fill as the cursor moves instead of the proposed elevation?
Cheers, Tim

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  Rotate Feature outlines
Posted by: Martin Bell - 06-03-2024, 05:47 PM - No Replies

Hi All Smile

I'm just reaching out to see if anyone knows a way I can quickly visually create a few rockstack walls.

I have drawn out a few shapes under platform and outlines, its easy to copy and paste these to create several and move, but can you rotate the objects at all?

See screenshot - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1metNQgd...drive_link

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  Slab elevation
Posted by: ismeldy - 05-14-2024, 01:53 PM - No Replies

Im new using the program, i try to put a slab elevation with the platform option on the proposed screen but it doesn't let me put the desire elevation on the building, somebody know how could i put a single elevation for a whole area?

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  Kubla Cubed 2024
Posted by: niko - 05-14-2024, 01:40 AM - Replies (1)

Hello Kubla team,

Congratulations on the release of Kubla Cubed 2024!

I have been using it since release and it is a significant upgrade, everything works so far and there is no negative feedback.

Keep up the good work!



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Smile KC 2024 Release date
Posted by: TimO - 04-29-2024, 11:18 AM - Replies (5)

Good afternoon All,
I was wondering if there is an actual release date for KC 2024 ?
Tim [Image: smile.png]

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  Different Slope Angles to Bund
Posted by: timetomaketracks - 04-18-2024, 09:50 AM - No Replies

Hi all,

I'm sure that there is a simple answer to this one - just can't find it!  I need to design an 'L' shaped bund 5m high with 1:1 outer flank and 1:3 inner flank.  The berm tool only allows 1:1 or 1:3, not both.  Creating a bund with 1:1 flanks and then trying to use the Slope tool doesn't work - any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  Phone viewer
Posted by: Martin Bell - 04-10-2024, 05:58 PM - Replies (1)

Hey Guys,

Just curious to know if there is an App out there to view Kubla projects on a cell phone? Or if you plan on developing this?

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  New Feature Copying contours
Posted by: Nick Costa - 04-10-2024, 03:05 PM - Replies (2)

I have made my existing surface successfully. The new features surface i made with the new proposed elevation was imported successfully but the CAD drawings received never had the contours entered so i took the time and manually entered all the contours and elevation points.
I have multiple varying surface elevations for example the pond and ROW cuts and fills will be to plans minus the topsoil strip, however the road will be a -18" level. Unless i am wrong i need to make another featured surface for this varying level.
I do not want to have to manually re enter all the new contours. 
Is there a way to copy the contours and points from one featured surface to the next?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

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