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Rotation and Location of Grid


Currently it appears the only way to have a grid is with direct north/south coordinate lines.  This grid is utilized when exporting cut fill information to Autocad as a dwg file.  Frequently in autocad we use a user coordinate system, and when we do the grid information is not aligned with the user coordinate system due to its operation being hard coded to the actual coordinates.

It'd be useful if we could pick a user coordinate 0,0 and a user rotation for north / south, so that the cut/fill information on the grid drops in at a text rotation and at locations that is coordinated with our user coordinates in Autocad.  I can make all sorts of adjustments once it's exported, but I'd rather not have to do so.

Further, it'd be useful to be able to control the rotation and size of the fonts for the cut/fill information, and to have different layers for the cut, fill and no cut/no fill information so that they can be turned off and on without having to change them after export.  I'd also like to see the grid lines, cut/fill hatches and other lines be controllable with their own layers.


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