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Image Not Uploading Properly


(12-09-2020, 12:43 PM)earthtechcontracting_ Wrote: Hi,

Our proposed plans are currently not uploading onto the existing site plan properly.

When downloading the PDF plan it saves as one single plan, when it is uploaded onto Kubla its splitting in half as if they are two separate plans

any advice?

Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for posting. We've looked into the problem and found that a bug has been introduced to the software. We have found the cause and fixed it; the changes will appear in the next minor upgrade to Kubla Cubed 2019 (Version 5.13).

*** SOLUTION ***
In the meantime, the solution is to first convert your file to JPEG and then upload as an image. To convert to an image, you could use the site PDF2JPG.net (https://pdf2jpg.net/). We recommend using a resolution of 300DPI. However, that site is external and we have no control over it. If you have security concerns, then you can send the file to us (via our support email address) and we will convert using non-online methods.


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