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Elevation filter


(01-11-2021, 11:29 AM)Cookiemonster Wrote: Please can an elevation filter option be added to the software for when importing information from files. i.e. to be able to ignore all points/lines etc. with an elevation of 0 or above X can save a lot of time manually finding and editing these points after importing. Thanks

Hi Cookiemonster, thanks for the feedback.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean, we have hit the same thing ourselves quite often doing examples and demos and a few users have mentioned it as well.  To resolve the issue we are going to introduce a 'Sort By' for the lists so it works a bit like a filter that if you 'Sort By Z'  you could find all the 0 elevations at the top and delete them or populate them etc...

We have it as a 'stretch goal' in Kubla Cubed 2021 V6.0 which will be released in late May 2021.  If it doesn't quite make it into the major release of V6.0 we will release it in a subsequent update. 

If you ever want to get an update on the progress the actual task number in our planning software is : 

Kubla Cubed - Feature 2468: Order list by Properties (Tag, Elevation, Horizontal, Vertical) Ascending and Descending

We haven't started it yet but have done the initial planning and decided on the Sort By system that's used by a lot of websites and such to do the same sort of thing.  Like sorting items by price or proximity etc...

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