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K3 Crashing


(04-05-2022, 02:07 PM)msullivan Wrote: Hello 
I,m mike from Maryland, USA.                  Way to go Brandon!

My construction phase's: existing ground (-4" topsoil/not useable at compacted backfill), H.D.P. /mass grading (design ground elev. 2ft+/- above top of pre sited foundation elev., garage 1ft below gar. f.f. elev.), Finished grade (outline at fill limits, 3d contour lines, platform 3d polyline at 1ft below basement elev.)

My software crashes continuously happen when trying to cut in a platform/basement thru finished grade & thru into my mass grading surface. The idea behind our earthwork is to have a mass graded site at an elevation where when the contractor comes to cut in the basement and pour the concrete for the walls/foundation and the spoils from that work are then used to fill/final grade around the structures thus alleviating the need to remove excess earth. 

My thought is that the k3 software does not want to cut thru multiple surfaces?  

How can i work around this dilemma? should i change when i add the platform, i've tried multiple different solutions to no avail, please help before i lose my mind!

Thanks in advance

Hi Sully

There is nothing there that sounds particularly difficult to complete in Kubla Cubed.  There is sometimes problems with excavating from terrain that has a lot of vertical sides.  Vertical sides are created by turning side batter off on an element.  One trick is to change the side batter from 'Off' to 0.01 which works better and the difference in volumes will usually be negligible.

I would suggest you send this project file into support, we can then take a look at the project and see what the problem is.  It's difficult to diagnose without the data but there shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't have thought.  There is a trick with backfill where you create a dummy surface with the structural elements in it.  Then in a subsequent phase you can backfill around it.  This is discussed in this video  :

DCW Fringe 2021 Webinar | Cascading TIN Cut and Fill Analysis

This is a technique that sounds like it would be useful here.

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