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"Failed to Get Outline" - Error


Hi all

First time poster here, but long time guest user of the forum.

Am currently having an issue printing a .pdf drawing for an earthworks project I am quantifying.

It is a multi-phase project, with some overlapping outlines between phases.  I am getting the error "Failed to Get Outline" (see attached picture) when I am trying to print to .pdf, but I am not sure whether this is due to the overlapping outlines, or whether I am doing something else incorrectly.

I seem to be able to print the 'Existing" and final phases of the project, but not the intermediate phases.

The first phase has a single "Platform", the second and third phases also includes a "Platform", and the final phase includes two "Paths", a "Slope" and a "Platform" (if this makes any difference). 

Would be happy to receive some suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Kind regards


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