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Varying Batter angles


Hi All.
I work as a geotech consultant and we have a number of projects where we need to model and calculate for different batter slopes within different materials i.e. rock at 0.25H:1V, but overlying soils at 1H:1V or 2H:1V.  

Another scenario is having different batters on the different sides of a cut, i.e. cut into rock which has bedding on an incline the cut batter with the bedded coming out of the rock is at 1H:1V but where it is into the rock can have 0.25H:1V and 0.5H:1V along the other sides.

It would be useful to be able to click on a cut face and specify the batter for that face.

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Varying Batter angles - by GTipp - 12-20-2017, 09:33 AM

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