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Preparing data for import


I have just completed a complex 19 phase cut & fill project in Kubla Cubed with a site area of 275,000m2 and thought I'd share my observations regarding the workstream.
The reason for so many phases is that there is a culvert running through the middle of the site and no surplus materials are to be taken off-site. Therefore a balanced materials movement was required. This equates to 184,000m3 of materials movement.
The final Kubla Cubed file size is 31Mb

The Client issued information was, as usual, not the best with existing topographical survey information buried as a group within the proposed site layout DWG files.

In Autodesk Civils 3D
1. Purge the dwg.
2. Delete all layers to leave the site outline and the grouped existing survey point data.
3. BURST the remaining information so that all elements can be selected and reviewed independently.
4. Check that the existing survey points/contours contain XYZ information. (Luckily they did).
6. The file was ready for import into Kubla Cubed. 

5.Next was to create new layers and assign different distinct colors to the contours in order to import just the relevant information by phase into Kubla Cubed. (Contour Image attached which was further broken down to each phase)
    a. By doing this I was not importing the complete site proposed topo for all the phases, thereby reducing the file size.
6. With the topo contours now having distinct colours it was easier to import into their relevant phases These were imported as Feature Surface, break lines and Outlines (Image shows all phases combined)
Note:-Very few projects that we receive with DWG topo contour information have the contours "smoothed" and this leads to jagged contours and some falling back on themselves. Importing as Break Lines created better results.

I trust this is informative.

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Yes sir good info, having issues with overlap myself
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