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Importing CAD Data


I understand how to import CAD data. The problem I have, however, is that I'm trying to import CAD data into an existing project that was already established using points from a pdf.

What has happened is the overall site has been surveyed in 2 phases. The information for Phase 1 was issued as a PDF and I've manually inserted all of the elevation points and boundaries. It's important to note that these features have 'default x and y co-ordinates because the 'actual' x and y co-ordinates are not available from the pdf.

I now want to import the Phase 2 points and boundaries, but as these features come from a dwf file they are imported with 'actual' x and y co-ordinates as part of their geometry that do not match the 'default' co-ordinates from the PDF.

I've watched the video and read the help files but I cannot find any help that will allow me to adjust a base x and y co-ordinate of the features I'm trying to import from the dwf drawings to match the points established from the pdf.

Can this be done and if so how?


Hi Kevin,

As you've found, you can't move CAD data in a block once it's loaded. You really need to load it into it's correct position.

Do you have a point on the PDF's that you can identify on the CAD file? This is really necessary to align the two together, and if the rotation of the CAD and PDF is different you need 2 points.

If you have a match point, and you have a CAD editor, the easiest solution is to use the move tool in CAD. You type 'move' into the console, select all you points, click on the match point, and then type the new co-ordinate. For the new value you would find the match point in Kubla Cubed and write down the co-ordinates shown on the cursor at that point. Then save that modified file and load the data into Kubla Cubed.

If you don't have a CAD editor, let me know and I'll give it some more thought.


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