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Autosave option?


Just spent a few hours finishing up my first takeoff and the program crapped out and closed, losing everything I'd done for the last few hours since I manually saved something.  Is there an autosave function I've missed?  And if not, why isn't their one so the crashes don't destroy hours of work?

Also, my mouse can't manipulate the screen - always have to use the keyboard or onscreen arrows.  Anything I'm missing to get the mouse to activate the screen by dragging like it does with other programs? Tutorials all show the mouse working properly. First time I've ever encountered my mouse not working as it should.


Good morning CalifDreaming,

Can't comment on the program crashing, but manipulating the screen can be done by pressing down the scroll wheel on your mouse then moving the mouse.

Hope that helps.




I'm sorry to hear that you've lost all that work, but I'm afraid there isn't currently an autosave function in our software.  We have been aware that we need this functionality for a while, but up to now we have always felt more customer pressure for new features (such as our upcoming cross sections update) than for improvements like this.  However, I can certainly appreciate how frustrating it is to lose such a lot of work, and we will be fixing this in the near future.

After the upcoming cross section update the remainder of KC 2019 development effort will be focused largely on stability improvements and usability enhancements.  Autosave functionality will be one of the first priorities.

As Tim mentioned, you should be able to pan with the mouse using the scroll button.  In general for every navigation control there is an option to use buttons, the mouse, or the keyboard.  We have a video tutorial on navigation in our software at the link below.  There's also a section in the user manual that covers this.


Hope this helps,



Thanks. Looking forward to Autosave. It's been around so long, I didn't even think that it might not be available. Appreciate the scrolling tip with pressing down on the scroll wheel.

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