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CROSS SECTIONS | Kubla Cubed 2019 XS Released (V5.9)

(This post was last modified: 10-23-2019, 02:43 PM by Ted Woods.)

We are excited to announce the launch of a new update : Kuba Cubed 2019 XS (V5.9). The XS stands for x-sections or cross sections, one of the most hotly anticipated features on the Kubla Cubed road-map.  The good news for professional users of Kubla Cubed 2019 is that it comes at no additional cost.  Update to V5.9 and the cross section element will appear as a new option in the Measurement panel.
The XS Edition has many more improvements as well as the new cross sections feature.  We have also been working hard on increasing stability and improving the quality of the exports.  We have now introduced the ability to export PDF and CAD drawings with carefully designed layouts to impress clients and increase understanding of the calculations among project stake holders. 


The first image is Kubla Cubed's own cross section visualiser and the lower one is the cross section data exported to Excel and used to create a scatter graph.  

The full list of new features and improvements can be found below and in the Update Log that can be accessed via the Help menu in the program:

16:00 23/10/2019 - Kubla Cubed Version 5.9

New Features

+ Added support for generating cross sections.  Sections can be viewed within the software, or exported to CAD, PDF or spreadsheets.

+ Added drawings layout to export.  Both CAD and PDF are supported.


+ Better handling of errors in non-critical parts of the software (e.g. display of incline lines for slopes).

+ Added warning message when clearing white transparency from site plan.  This was a common cause of confusion by users.

+ Prevented user from adding phases in Presentation Mode.

+ Added ability to sync cameras between phases.


+ Resolved calculation errors when intersecting with vertical slopes.

+ Fixed crash when using shift and number keys in numeric updown.

+ Fixed PDF errors when processing multiple very large PDF files.  Improved allocation of RAM to Java and reduced the size of cached rendered PDFs.

+ Fixed bug in position of input points when exported to CAD.

+ Fixed crash when loading files with Turkish culture set.

+ Fixed crash when pasting table data into take-off form.

+ Fixed crash when loading site plan with FIPs group policy.

+ Resolved calculation error caused when adding internal outlines to faces.

+ Resolved error when importing DXF - "parameter cannot be null"

+ Resolve error in export to CAD.

+ Resolved bug which caused the phases tabs arrow to not appear on first launch, when you have multiple phases which are wider than the screen.

+ Fixed a number of calculation errors related to ground level outlines running over vertical faces.

 + Fixed bugs which caused an error when exporting earthworks by element.

+ General improvements to calculation stability.

+ Fixed a number of bugs when importing surface elements from a CAD file.

+ Fixed a bug which causes a error message to appear saying the site plan was very large when it wasn't.

+ Fixed clash between stats panel and colour keys which could occur with small screen sizes.

+ Fixed a crash that could occur in the shading form.  This was due to a DisconnectedItem being passed to the converter due to a bug in Microsoft .NET Framework.


Hi Ted and team

This is actually a BIG update from the looks of it. Nice.

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