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Remove Shading to allow Proposed Input

(This post was last modified: 12-12-2019, 08:06 PM by djungst.)

(12-12-2019, 10:33 AM)Ted Woods Wrote:
(12-11-2019, 04:56 PM)Rich Howes Wrote:
(12-11-2019, 02:56 PM)djungst Wrote: I have completed inputting the existing grades.  The shading that was added makes it virtually impossible to see some areas of the drawings so that I can now input the proposed grades.  How do i eliminate or change the shading so that I can see the proposed features?

I appreciate that the default shading of black and white is not always ideal. Fortunately, there are a few options to get around this, although I would strongly recommend saving your project first!

During edits, you can use the pop-out editor to ease your viewing (here's a demo video at the relevant position: https://youtu.be/-efDC0V6Wd0?t=27). You may want to change your colour scheme; although misleading for demonstration to clients (unless you are by the sea of course) the nautical chart scheme is easy on the eye for editing purposes. There's a video for the 2016 version of the software (although still mainly valid today) https://youtu.be/bn8z98mouUw. Make sure you save before playing with the colours.

One other tip I would mention that might help is that you can change the background color.  Combined with the pop-out window technique that Rich mentioned this should work well.  If you want to do this go to Display -> Panels and double click in Background Colour to change.

The pop out window worked very well.  Thanks

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