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Can Kubla output Trimble Field Leve 2 and JD Igrade machine control files


(09-28-2021, 01:25 AM)mikednay Wrote: Can Kubla output Trimble  Field Level 2, civiland JD Igrade machine control files

Hi mikednay, 

Kubla Cubed cannot export directly to the propriety formats, used on the systems of various manufacturers. However, it can export data which can then be imported into the software provided by the manufacturers for making machine control files.

Each producer of machine control systems has their own software for preparing a file, which can then be uploaded to the earthmoving machinery. A lot of the software products support import of both CAD (.dwg, .dxf) and Land XML (.xml) files. You can therefore export all your data to either of those formats and it should import.

File>Export>CAD Data
File>Export>Land XML

Sometimes machine control works better with one format over another. It has been suggested that for line work, CAD files work better and for TINS, Land XML files are better. However it is easier to stick to one file format, unless there are problems. Some older machine control systems might not support TINS but do support point clouds. In that situation you will need to generate gridded data in the same way as suggested for BIM Software that does not support TIN.

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