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Dredging Cross Section Output

(This post was last modified: 12-05-2017, 04:23 AM by Nghia.)

It would be great if the software can output the Dredging Cross Section
In Detail Design we need provide 50m, 100m cross section of dredging. Kubla can only do for very concept design only now.
The image show as bellow for reference
[Image: SampleFilledContours.JPG]


Hi Nghia,

Thanks for the feedback on this one.  It's worth mentioning that we have another software product called Kubla Ports which is more specialised in the marine engineering space and can produce regular sections at fixed intervals along a channel.   You might want to look into the dredging and reclamation module of Kubla Ports at some point.  It's more focused on the kind of work you do than Kubla Cubed is.

I understand the facility to generate sections is also upcoming in Kubla Cubed, although it might not do everything you're after in terms of the colouration in your sections.  These colourations for different dredging tolerance lines are unlikely to be put into Kubla Cubed, because this software is more for general ground works and doesn't have a way to input dredging tolerances or other things specific to marine engineering.

This is assuming that I'm understanding your section correctly.  I'm assuming that the red is under tolerance, green is pay tolerance and blue non-pay tolerance.  Is that correct?


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