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(02-02-2022, 05:19 AM)Ganesh Thorat Wrote: Hello,

I'm Ganesh, works in a ground mounted solar filed. Which requires grading of large land (in order of 200 to 500 acres). I require to do earthwork at solar table levels. Basically need the spot level grading at every solar table level, such that my gradient will be within permissible levels (mostly below 8-9 degrees). Will that be doable using Kubla software?

Thanks and Regards.

Hi Ganesh

Welcome to the forums!

You can use Kubla Cubed to complete this kind of work.   Using the slope you can specify three points on the solar table and it will calculate the cut\fill necessary to complete that table.  You can watch a video on the capabilities of the slope here :
Kubla Cubed - Proposed Earthworks : The Slope Element

The first 3 points you hit defining the slope will be the initial angle, so this could give you a good starting point of establishing a slope with 3 points on the surface.  However currently the program can't automatically calculate the optimal table incline given minimum permissible angle of incline as you have specified.  

We are interested in completing this task in the future.  Is there any accepted method that is used to accomplish this ?  We checked online and there was a very complicated algorithm documented but I am just curious to know if there is a way you would do this without dedicated software ? 

Are there any other requirements related to solar that we could help with (for instance panel layout or power estimates ?)  We would be interested to know as we would like to make more tools to help this industry.

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