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3D View - Earthwork shapes outlines


Can we suggest an option to toggle on/off shape outlines in the 3D viewer so we can reference easier where we can identify if a shape needs to be adjusted or highlighted for attention.


Hi David,

Thank you for your suggestion, it is very helpful.

Kubla Cubed 2023 will have some great few new features which will help you to identify the different elements more easily:
- "Shade elements by colour" will show the extents of the reporting areas of each element
- You will be able to select elements in 2D and 3D and they will flash/highlight their area
- Disable and Enable function in 2D and 3D, which will allow you to "turn off" an element/s so that you can view/report volumes for the individual elements and see where edits are required.

Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a delay in the development of KC2023. This is now due to be released at the end of quarter 3.

We look forward to getting your feedback on this.

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