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Kubla Cubed 2023

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(04-05-2024, 10:57 PM)Nate@MBX Wrote: Hi Rich,

I was unable to attend the webinar for the Kubla Cubed 2024 update. I was so excited to see the new features. I understand you'll be posting the videos soon so I didn't miss out entirely.

Was there a timeline for the rollout of the update as well?



Hi Nathan,

In case you've not spotted it already, we have now published the 'What's New in Kubla Cubed 2024' webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXueukfntB8


Ted, Rich, Kate, and the rest of the Kubla team,

I have been a using this software since 2017 and I can't tell how pleased I am with the latest update to Kubla Cubed!

I really love the ability to see the plans while in the 3D camera views. This is a powerful feature. I have multiple uses for this feature both client facing and internally. It will definitely add that "Wow" effect to my presentations!

I also appreciate the changes to the measurement tools. I remember when the measurement tools changed to work more like a feature surface interface. While a little more cumbersome, I got used to it and was still able to organize my measurements by way of the create spreadsheet function. Now, I can measure all of my drainage and utility runs in a more efficient manor by the ability to measure multiple runs in a single interface and have the sum appear when completed. Rather than having 20 different measurements for 4" drainage pipe, I have a single measurement category with the sum of those measurements. This is brilliant. I wanted to suggest something along these lines in the past but I'm sure you were already working on it.

I'm still playing around with the new features and just wanted to reach out to say thank you and well done!

Attached below is a finished subgrade from an older 2018 project. Working on this project really taught me a lot about what this software could do. There were a lot of features I added that were unnecessary for me to complete my take off but, at the time, I was getting better at using the software and couldn't stop myself. I just wanted to show how amazing it looks with the 2024 update!

Really good job guys!


I haven't mastered posting in this forum yet. I seemed to attach the image twice and clip my message at both ends.

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Hey Nate, thank you for your feedback! Your project images are stunning! If you decide to showcase your work on social media, give us a heads-up, and we'd love to reshare it with our community!

We're already hard at work on some further improvements. They'll be rolled out in minor updates throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those! Smile

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