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  Changing PC's
Posted by: Seaking - 04-15-2019, 01:30 PM - Replies (1)

If I am using both keys and get a new computer how do I transfer a license to a new computer

  Kubla Cubed 2019 Released!
Posted by: Ted Woods - 03-20-2019, 08:47 AM - Replies (2)

It's finally here! The long awaited Kubla Cubed 2019 has been launched with a host of new features and improvements.  

The biggest visual change in the new version is the addition of a new "Measure" panel which will provide a selection of measuring tools (Counts, Lengths, Areas) which have been frequently requested by our QS users.  Other enhancements include:

  • Volume Regions (report the cut\fill in different regions of the site on a single phase) 

  • The site plans in the main window so you can align site plans with reference to each other.

  • The feature surface take-off in the main window so you can align things together.

  • Support for 'floating points', in the explicit outline and break-line definitions.  Fill in the points you know and the program will calculate the others automatically.

  • Edit Menu -> Copy\Paste.

  • Edit Menu -> Point Snapping that allows snapping to boundary lines and grid lines.

  • Import\Export support for the DWG file format, also direct copy\paste of elements into the take-off window from CAD.

  • An 'Off' option for earthwork element side batter allowing totally vertical side slopes (No more entering 1:0.01 to get an approximation).

  • Phase drag & drop functionality.

  • Cursor reporting of cut\fill\existing\proposed level in the 3D view.
If you are a Kubla Cubed Lite user you can download the new lite edition here.  For Professional users with a subscription the program will prompt you to upgrade the next time you launch the program.  Perpetual users can contact us directly to get an upgrade quote.

To watch a video of the latest features see here : What's new in Kubla Cubed 2019

  Calculation Data Has Disappeared
Posted by: conradccb - 03-18-2019, 06:01 AM - Replies (3)

I purchased kubla cubed pro last week to measure a job I am currently working on.

It was going well, and I had calculated a lot of cut/fill data (see prev saved shots below).

I went back in to the file today and the cut/fill data has gone. The shapes all still show in the list, but the calculations and re-levelling has all disappeared (see below). It is only showing Existing conditions.
What has happened and how do I get it back? One day away from a deadline so would love to get a solution!

[Image: AAv7bmD.png]

turned into....

[Image: denbJzg.png]
[Image: Djb97wB.png]

  Is Kubla the right tool for me?
Posted by: Bushman - 02-14-2019, 12:25 AM - Replies (5)

Good morning.

I was hoping to ask a couple of questions in order to see if Kubla is going to solve my needs.
Feedback would be much appreciated, or would you suggest I contact support rather?

The basics it seems to do, but as I only tried the free version for a short bit, I would like to know if it can support the following:

1. Import and join multiple PDF's in order to do a road takeoff

2. Can it do boxing out of the road pavement?

3. Can I import or create the geotech info of different layers and types of earth and then report this when doing the cut calculations. In other
    words if I need to know the volume of sand, clay, rock etc that would be excavated.

4. When I create a pad, the software then ads a cut/fill batter. Can these batters be changed manually and be of different slopes. Sometimes you have slope of 1:2 at the
    north part of the pad and a 1:4 slope at the south part of the pad.

5. Can I create and export a rendered model of the job into either a .jpg or even better yet, in a video format like .avi or .mov?

Also, If I rent the Kubla software monthly, is it on a month to month basis, or is there a minimum notice period that have to be given if the software turns out to not be what I am after?

Thanks in advance and I do apologise if many or all of these questions might have been asked before.

Perth, Australia

  Kubla Cubed 2019
Posted by: TimO - 01-22-2019, 11:06 PM - Replies (8)

Hello All,
Any news on the 2019 release?

  Cut and fill depth categories
Posted by: Marcus - 11-14-2018, 11:11 AM - Replies (4)

The NRM2 (RICS new rules of measurement) requires that:
1. excavations be separated into that <2m deep, 2-4m deep, 4-6m deep, etc
2. filling be separated into that <500mm and that >500mm deep

Is there any way that Kubla could be developed to separate the cut and fill into such categories?


Posted by: Vivek.p - 10-17-2018, 05:55 PM - Replies (1)

In subscription plan noted that "can be installed on two devices". 

Is that mean we can work on two computer simultaneously with 1 user license?

  UK Construction Week
Posted by: TimO - 10-04-2018, 11:42 PM - Replies (3)

Train ticket purchased and registered.
Looking forward to meeting the team in Birmingham on Wednesday 10th. 

  Turn off shading for levels
Posted by: kolney - 10-03-2018, 01:43 PM - Replies (2)

Is there a way to toggle on/off the shading for existing and proposed levels so that the base drawings can be viewed without the colours shown
This would be handy instead of having to switch between Kubla Cubed and a pdf viewer

Thanks in advance for any replies 


  Importing Vectors
Posted by: AggieBQ86 - 09-18-2018, 09:32 PM - Replies (1)

A method for importing vectors from a PDF would be helpful for defining contours. I realize elevation data is typically not included with the PDF vectors but this could easily be added to the contour once the vector was imported into the surface.

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