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  Benchmark for aligning two points
Posted by: DuncanKing - 04-06-2020, 12:19 AM - Replies (2)

When aligning two points to orient a drawing there does not appear to be a way to mark two points on the existing layout to use to align to the new drawings.

Basically it appears you have to use the mouse to find the coords of the existing dwg, write these coords down, import the new dwg and then allocate these coords to the new dwg to align.

This seems pretty clunky, i would assume you can identify points on the existing drawing (plot them) and then reference these existing points on the new drawing to quickly orient the new drawing?

Am i missing something?


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  Kubla Lite - volume of a spoil heap
Posted by: Graham - 02-15-2020, 10:45 AM - Replies (4)

Can you calculate the volume of a spoil heap using the Lite version of Kubla ?

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  Not responding of the software
Posted by: jongcs1995 - 12-30-2019, 06:03 AM - Replies (1)

 I had tried to use Kubla Cubed software to helped me to calculate the volume of cut and fill needed for my company's project (325 acres road and embankment). However, when I attached the dxf format of the LIDAR data of this project, the Kubla Cubed software is unresponded to the dxf drawing data for adding the contour line in the software. May I request for the limitation of the file size to be used in this Kubla Cubed Software and kindly provide the advice and recommendations to solve these problems.

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  Defining elevations of a path
Posted by: djungst - 12-12-2019, 08:22 PM - Replies (3)

I have roads going through the project site.  The elevations given are at random intervals.  Since the roads are curved, I must use many more points to define the road layout than there are points with given elevations.  

1.  What is the best way to define the road depth?  

2.  Will Kubla interpolate the elevations of the points based on the given elevations?

3.  Should I use heights or levels to define the road beds?  

I have a part of the road that once I completed defining the road, Kubla set the elevations of the points on the "Levels" at a grade almost 20 feet deeper that anything that I have defined either existing or proposed.  I have attached the file so you can see what is happening.  

Thanks Djungst

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  Remove Shading to allow Proposed Input
Posted by: djungst - 12-11-2019, 02:56 PM - Replies (3)

I have completed inputting the existing grades.  The shading that was added makes it virtually impossible to see some areas of the drawings so that I can now input the proposed grades.  How do i eliminate or change the shading so that I can see the proposed features?

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  Stitch together PDF Files
Posted by: djungst - 12-06-2019, 01:55 PM - Replies (3)

Is it possible to stitch together multiple PDF drawings when all that I have is the match lines on each drawing?  My site has four drawings and I am trying to combine them all.  I have cropped the drawings at the match lines but cannot figure out how to move them together to form one complete site drawing.

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  Exclude area of section within the outline for volume calculation
Posted by: Mick - 12-06-2019, 12:37 PM - Replies (2)

Hi everyone, i have aquery if you could help me with, it might be obvious that i am missing it. I am looking to calculate the volume of tarmac on a road construction ( i have as built survey of Existing and Proposed ) where the road have an island which is soft landscaping. How do i select (or exclude) the outline of the road where it is only going to be tarmacked. Thanks

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  Cad file size or points limit
Posted by: Mick - 12-04-2019, 08:49 AM - Replies (2)

Hi there,
I was wondering if you can help with my query, I tried to upload contour from dwg file and got a message that there are too many points and suggestion box to reduce the tolerance. I couldn't find help on this topic to best approach this ie I tried to delete some of the contour lines that are not needed and purge the dwg file to reduce the size but still getting the too many points and the process will be slow message. And with reduction method not sure how much is it optimal size without losing too much tolerance.

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  Re-Calculation Button/Toggle
Posted by: nollej - 11-26-2019, 12:54 PM - Replies (1)

Hello Team,
Firstly, thanks for your software, it is really helpful and easy to use.

Working with the latest version today I thought that it may be useful if there was an option to disable/toggle the automatic recalculation of cut/fill in the case where a boundary line/point is adjusted of existing earthwork elements.

Especially when using a model which has many points/contours, it makes moving specific points and shapes hard to smoothly move as the program seems to constantly want to update the calculation after every move. Having a toggle on/off button could be useful to allow any modifications to shapes/points to be made and then only when the movement of objects is complete the calculation could be toggled back on. This way the software can let the user make any adjustments and only start calculating when the edits are complete, the same way in which it waits to start the calculation when creating a new earthworks element.

Thanks again for your great software


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Star Panning across model when in 3D view
Posted by: RyanHolland - 11-13-2019, 11:32 AM - Replies (1)

It would be useful to be able to pan across the model when in 3D view, rather than just being able to rotate around a fixed point. 

Could use the same set up as Sketchup, which involves holding left button on mouse, whilst also pressing down on scroll wheel? 



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