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Unable to see arrow during slope element construction


(01-14-2023, 04:32 AM)pskrivanos Wrote: Hello, 

I'm just getting started with Kubla Cubed and have a question regarding the slope element. After I deliniate a slope element outline, I'm unable to see any of the controls that are used to define the slope incline and elevation.  This includes the 3 Points, 3 Points & Offset, Arrow and Arrow & Offset options. For examples, when I select Arrow, the arrow control doesn't appear on top of my plan. 

Any ideas when these controls aren't showing up for me?

Hi Pskrivanos,

Welcome to the Kubla Forum. We are currently unaware of any issues regarding this control, although your experience may have uncovered something new.

When creating a slope, the editor opens so that the outline can be defined. Once the outline is complete, OK must be pressed at the top of the editor as shown below:


This then makes the Slope widget appear and also provides several options in the right panel, as shown below:


Changing the ‘Define’ option will make various edit options show/hide, see below: additional rows (and removal of ‘incline’) after change to ‘3 Points’. Note that because Define is via 3 points, there is no arrow.


In your situation, am I right in thinking that the ‘Define’ menu is available, yet the change of ‘Define’ selection does not have any effect in changing the edit options available? Or is it just the absence of the arrow widget, or both?

A screenshot of the Slope controls and the Slope outline (like screenshots above) as it appears in your project, would really help us here, to understand the exact nature of the problem you have encountered. Ideally, we would also like to see your project file which you could send to us at support@kublasoftware.com. The latest version of Kubla Cubed 2021 is v6.3.


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